The Birth of the General Store

When both my children were diagnosed with celiac disease I found myself spending more and more time at the grocery store; and not just one store, but four and five different stores. Trying to keep my kids safe, I read every label in search of healthy products. My children, however, were not as patient. With each location we visited, we would come closer to the inevitable breakdown – sometimes by my children and sometimes by me! No matter how hard I tried we would return home missing important items. What I did remember to buy – cost a fortune!

In my search for an easier, less expensive and more certain alternative, I saw an opportunity for myself, but also for the many other people I met, who are affected by celiac disease and gluten sensitivity

That was the birth of The Gluten Free General Store!

Sandra’s Original Gluten Free General Store is a lot like an old fashioned General Store, where customers place an order every few weeks. A week or so later your order is delivered directly to your door.  Or you can come in store, have a and you have what you need for the next month. I have seen the amazing benefits of this diet for people with Celiac Disease and I want to make this diet accessible for everyone. Like an old-time General Store I’m always here to answer questions or just chat about a topic that is very near and dear to my heart. I’m also happy to suggest products, as my family has taste tested much of the choices, and being somewhat fussy, refuse to sacrifice taste with the change in our diet.


Sandra Grills, Founder The Gluten Free General Store