The Gluten Free Diet

The Gluten Free Diet

Gluten Containing Grains

  Barley   Wheat   Rye
  Bulgar   Durum   Spelt
  Triticale   Einkorn   Emmer
  Farro   Graham Flour   Kamut
  Malt   Semolina   Conventional Oats***
 *** According to the Canadian Government oats are not allowed in the gluten free diet and no item containing oats can be labeled as gluten free.  This is because all conventional oats are contaminated with gluten during the growing, harvesting, transportation, and packaging process.  There are a few brands who have changed their farming process and test every batch to ensure there is on contamination. They are labelled as pure oats.


Gluten Free Grains

All these items can be milled into flours and used in baking.  It usually required a combination of flours to replicate wheat in your recipes.

  Amaranth   Arrowroot   Buckwheat
  Cassava   Corn   Flax
  Legumes   Millet   Nut
  Potato   Quinoa   Rice
  Sorghum   Soy   Tapioca
  Teff   Coconut


Naturally Gluten Free Foods

  • Fresh meat, poultry, fish and seafood
  • Fresh vegetables and fruits
  • Eggs
  • Cheese and other dairy


Questionable Products

Always check the ingredients – every time!

Below are some items that are more likely to have gluten.  Gluten free substitutions are available for almost all items.

  Baking Powder   Bouillon Cubes   Soy Sauce
  Processed Meats   Dry Roasted Nuts   Dried Fruits
  Beverage Mixes   Rice & Soy Beverages   Herbal Tea
  Cheese Spreads   Self Basting Poultry   Soup & Broth
  Worcestershire Sauce   Icing Sugar   Licorice & Candy
  Imitation Seafood   Marinates & Sauces   Puddings
  Ice Cream  & Yogurt